If you don’t have the means to directly adopt a pet, we encourage you to make a virtual adoption. For this puropse we create an individual bank account for you, to which you can transfer a fixed sum of money. With time, on our website you will see photos of animals available for adoption, with the note „Waiting for virtual owner”.

When you virtually adopt a pet, you name or nickname will appear next to its photo on our website. You will also have the opportunity to post its photos on your website or blog. If possible, you will also have the opportunity to visit your pet, he would surely like to meet you! 

How much does a virtual adoption cost?

Currently the minimal monthly cost of adopting a pet  costs 30 PLN, regardless of its breed or size.

Is virtual adoption binding in any way?

No. Transfering 30 PLN to our account, you become a selected animal’s caretaker for 1 month. Making the same transfer next month, you prolong the adoption for one more month. If you wish to resign, you only need to send us an e-mail informing about it and stop making payments. You may therefore stop the process at any time, without naming a reason. Information about virtual caretakers are updated once a week or more often, if possible.

What are my payments spent on?

Money you send will be dedicated to general maintenance of dogs in the shelter, such as new cubicles, medicine and accessories (leashes, food bowls etc.).

Entitled to virtual adoptions are: private individuals, organisations, a group of people (e.g. school or class) and companies. This form of support can be especially attractive for companies, who can post photos of their adopted pets or share this information.